Analysis: Why the ‘Regenuary’ Movement is Taking Root

Published on: January 24, 2022


 | JANUARY 19, 2022

By now, you’re likely familiar with Veganuary, which promotes adopting a vegan lifestyle throughout the month of January.
In 2022, though, the so-called Regenuary movement is also taking root.

Regenuary is a sustainable eating movement gathering momentum and urging consumers to choose food produced according to regenerative farming methods, reported
The movement is raising awareness, at the consumer level, of how food purchases can impact the environment, said Monique van Wijnbergen, sustainability and corporate communications director with Natural Habitats Group.

“It helps us understand that, in any dietary choice we make, we either have a positive or negative impact,” van Wijnbergen told The Food Institute. “Regenerative farming is about continuous improvement and creating positive impact, working in unison with nature instead of at the detriment of it.

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