Palm Done Right Campaign Encourages Clean Hands and Sustainable Choices #SudsUpSustainably for the health of the planet and each other

Published on: July 16, 2020

Boulder, Colo. July 16, 2020 — Mission-based educational platform Palm Done Right (PDR), launches a new campaign, #SudsUpSustainably, to increase consumer awareness around making sustainable choices. Faced with COVID-19, we’re all washing our hands more frequently. According to WebMD, hand-washing — with soap and water — is a far more powerful weapon against germs than many of us realize.

But there’s an impact to all that extra sudsing up, and we have the choice to make it a positive one.  #SudsUpSustainably is a rally cry to raise awareness and encourage people to make sustainable choices when washing their hands, while being mindful of our impact on communities, forests, and wildlife.

Monique van Wijnbergen, Sustainability and Corporate Communications Director at Natural Habitats Group says “The majority of soap sold in our grocery stores is made with palm oil as it makes a bar soap solid and provides it with lathering power. We all appreciate palm oil’s functionality, but few of us think about what type of palm oil is used to make our favorite soaps. Considering the impact of palm oil on communities, wildlife and our forests, it is important to choose brands that use palm oil done right. Our campaign aims to raise awareness of the importance of handwashing while at the same time making choices that protect our planet.”

The campaign includes a 20-second jingle to sing when sudsing your hands.

#SudsUpSustainably for the health of the planet and each other

Palm oil is found in over half of household goods — like foods, personal care products, and soap – yet when produced the wrong way it can have a devastating impact on wildlife, forests, and communities. Palm done right, on the other hand, nurtures the soil, protects forests and wildlife habitats, provides fair wages, and fosters strong communities.

Janice Summers, founder of Trés Spa plant powered personal care says, “I have used Organic Palm for over a decade now but I switched to Palm Done Right (PDR) because it’s more than just the palm. It’s the complete focus on doing it right for the planet and for preserving biodiversity and indigenous life and for the people. PDR represents responsible stewardship at the highest level and I sleep better knowing I can trust putting their products in my creations.”

Consumers who participate in the campaign can enter to win one of 20 gift baskets featuring the following sustainable soap brands. Entries can be submitted on both Instagram and Facebook for two chances to win. Deadline for entries is August 9th.

  • Bronner’s – Dr. Bronner’s uses organic, fair-trade palm oil for their bar and liquid soaps, where it makes a bar soap solid and provides lathering power and longevity. They created their own company, Serendipalm, to work directly with farmers and producers in Ghana to sustainably produce additional palm oil for their other products.
  • Pacha Soap Company – Pacha helps strengthen local livelihoods around the globe. They set up soap shops, clean water initiatives, and other sustainable ventures in the places they source from, along with using Palm Done Right.
  • Oregon Soap Company – Oregon Soap Company, founded in 1993, believes good business and positive stewardship of the earth should go hand and hand. That’s why they partnered with Friends of Trees to plant one tree for every ten bars of soap sold, and why they’re so committed to Palm Done Right.
  • Trés Spa – Tres Spa designs skincare products are as close to nature as you can get. They use only pure, ethically-sourced ingredients — like Palm Done Right — which result in creative original formulations culled from a variety of inspirational sources.
  • Moon Valley Organics – Moon Valley Organics’ goal is to support organic farms and the people who farm on them by providing a source for high quality, organic personal care products that promote a healthy way of caring for our bodies and the world.
  • Trillium Soaps – Trillium Soaps makes unique blends from organic herbs, seeds, spices, and clays mixed with a three oil base of organic olive oil, coconut oil, and Palm Done Right, along with pure essential oils.
  • Fivesso – Fivesso Organic Skincare lives out their two key values, transparency and honesty, by focusing on education and awareness. As a company sourcing 100 percent organic and ethical ingredients, Fivesso is proud to have Palm Done Right on their boxes.

Additional soap brand partners include:

  • Tonic Naturals – Tonic Naturals offers alternatives to industrially-manufactured personal care products. Their soaps are made with eleven skin-loving oils, nurturing botanicals, antioxidants, mineral-rich clays, and pure essential oils to cleanse, hydrate, and nourish all skin types.
  • La Fille de la Mer – La Fille de la Mer creates artisanal soaps inspired by the bounty of the Magdalen Islands where they’re made. Founder Ariane Arsenault includes ingredients like sand from the beaches, kelp from the sea, and honey from the local beekeeper in her palette when creating her beautiful soaps.

How else can consumers help?

  • Become aware of their impact. Palm oil is used in most soap/personal care products, so their choices count. (Click here for six infographics that you can share to raise awareness of Palm Done Right)
  • Buy Palm Done Right partner brand soaps (Click here for a list with clickable links of where to buy)
  • Sing the jingle while washing your hands and spread the word on social by posting a video with the hashtag #SudsUpSustainably (Click here to watch a video of us singing the jingle)
  • Learn more at com/palm-101

This campaign will run July 20 – August 9th leading up to September’s Third Annual Palm Done Right Month, an opportunity to reinforce the Palm Done Right mission and increase awareness for palm oil that is 100% organic, deforestation-free, wildlife friendly, fair and social. To learn more or get involved, visit

About Palm Done Right®

Natural Habitats Group is leading positive change in the palm oil industry by proving that palm oil can be grown for good. This approach demonstrates that palm oil grown organically and third-party certifications, can preserve the environment and native species, bring positive economic support to local communities and create sustainable livelihoods for everyone involved. Palm Done Right, a movement, aims to connect the benefits of organic, responsible palm oil, with brands, suppliers, manufacturers, media and consumers, to change the conversation about palm oil and bring positive impact to scale. For more information, visit

About Natural Habitats USA, Inc.

Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, Natural Habitats USA, Inc. is a group fully committed to the sustainable production of Certified Organic and fairly traded products, including organic palm oil. Natural Habitats products are cultivated using 100% organic practices by independent farmers in South America and add organic credibility to food, personal care and animal nutrition products. Natural Habitats USA, Inc. supports the communities in which it operates through Fair for Life fair trade partnership, social programs for farmers, workers and communities and funding for services including support to local schools, health care and housing to improve the quality of life for all stakeholders in the supply chain, from Farm to Fork. For more information, visit

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Why You Should Get Involved
with Palm Done Right

Palm can be grown for good, bringing benefits to:

  • Our planet, due to palm oil’s land efficiency.
  • Local communities, due to the economic development oil palm production creates.
  • Our market, due to palm oil’s versatility and functionality as an ingredient, lifting product quality and performance.

Together, we can influence change for:

  • Manufacturers that are still using conflict palm oil for their products.
  • Retailers that are still listing products that contain conflict palm oil.
  • Brokers and distributors that are still supplying their customers with products that contain conflict palm oil.
  • Shoppers that have the power to vote with their dollar.

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