Let’s Bake Together: Chocolate Hazelnut Bread & Cookies

Published on: January 11, 2022

For our second installment of Let’s Bake Together, we’re giving chocolate all the love. This month, I tried out two recipes featuring Nutiva’s Chocolate Hazelnut spread and Red Palm Oil.During the winter season, I always go full force in the kitchen, baking cookies and desserts. Several years ago I came across a chocolate rugelach cookie from Bake From Scratch. It reminded me of the traditional rugelach, usually filled with dried fruit and nuts, that I used to make at a bakery I worked at. I tried out the chocolate recipe and it instantly became a hit around the holidays.

This year, I’ve been trying to eat healthier, so there is no more Nutella in my pantry. Nutiva sent me their hazelnut spread and I knew it would be the perfect substitution. The results were delicious! Nutiva’s spread has more pieces of hazelnut that aren’t fully ground up, which provides a nice texture. With 40% less sugar than the leading brand, the chocolate flavor was a little milder but I still got those perfect layers of swirled chocolate. I love the simplicity of this recipe—the entire dough can be made in the food processor. When I roll out the dough, I use a ruler to get the right size. If you’re not exact, don’t worry. You can trim the edges off, to make them more even.

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