3 natural foods retailers share their approaches to quality standards

Published on: June 30, 2022

Explore how natural foods retailers apply quality standards so they offer consumers only products with integrity and innovation.
Amanda Violet Ravotti 

A range of new products continues to emerge in the wellness market, making quality standards more important than ever as retailers seek the right balance of integrity and innovation. Natural Grocers, PCC Community Markets and Mom’s Organic Market—all leaders in the natural foods space—have built their reputations on strong ingredient requirements, with a focus on certifications and an emphasis on brand characteristics that resonate with consumers.

Without a doubt, ingredient transparency plays a critical role in the success of products and companies. Standards are not always accessible or easy to find in the conventional markets, so it’s a notable differentiator for natural retailers as they strive to capture consumers.

Consumers are asking for higher integrity foods, with a focus on organic, therefore retail standards are key to earning trust and educating consumers as they opt for healthier, more natural choices.

There is a rising interest in organic, natural products, according to New Hope’s Ways of Eating Survey 2022, which shows that one-third of consumers want to “learn more about natural and organic foods’” versus 23% in 2013. Nearly a quarter of consumers say they make sure most of the food they consume is organic and natural, and they are willing to pay a premium for those products.

These three retailers are all unique in how they connect with this changing consumer while they adhere to their values. They are dedicated to offering consumers quality organic products, ethically sourced palm oils and ingredients transparency.

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