6 Chocolate Spreads That Are Better Than Nutella

Published on: April 15, 2021

A whole bunch of Canadian companies is making unique nut and chocolate spreads that actually taste like those ingredients.

chocolate spreads

My unpopular opinion: Nutella is not that good. In theory, it sounds both delicious and cosmopolitan, a decadent, nutty chocolate spread beloved by fancy Europeans. But I’ve never thought that it tastes much like chocolate or hazelnuts at all since both flavors are drowned out by an overwhelming hit of sugar (when I want overly processed mass-market chocolate, I steal from my kid’s candy stash, thank you very much). So I honestly didn’t get the chocolate nut spread hype—until I found Mumgry, a line of nut butter made in Vancouver.

Grocery shopping is the only way to satisfy the consumerist itch to browse these days and on one of my outings, I noticed the bright red logo on a jar of Mumgry chocolate peanut butter. I added it to my pile of comfort foods, took it home, and immediately tried a spoonful. It offered what I’ve wanted from a Reese peanut butter cup—intense peanut butter and chocolate flavors that are allowed to shine, rather than being drowned out by sugar and palm oil.

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