GoodSAM Foods Expands its Regenerative Products

Published on: September 28, 2022

DARIEN, Conn.— GoodSAM Foods, a healthy snack food brand with a commitment to sustainability and regenerative agriculture, announced the upcoming launch of brand new products including brazil nuts, pecan, additional coffee SKUs and white chocolate chips. The regenerative food brand has introduced the products to their already impressive line of no added sugar chocolates and sustainable snacks created from their regenerative supply chains in Colombia, Kenya, Bolivia and Mexico.

Exhibiting at Booth 1056 at Natural Products Expo East 2022 from September 28 through October 1, 2022, GoodSAM will soft launch their brand new products and offer booth visitors a chance to be among the first to sample nuts, coffee, and chips. In October, the new products will join the brand’s core line of nuts and chocolates at retailers including Sprouts and Erewhon as well as online at Amazon.

“At GoodSAM we are constantly ideating and executing new ways to upend the food system in delicious ways that drive regenerative agriculture while offering a tasty product that consumers will want to purchase and our new products are no exception,” says GoodSAM Founder & CEO, Heather K. Terry. “Our team has been wholly dedicated to ensuring the best taste and a transparent supply chain process for every new product and we are so excited for these new launches as we continue to expand around the globe. We want to create snack moments for our customers that are positively impactful.”

Join GoodSAM at Booth 1056, Friday, September 30th from Noon – 2:00 pm for a Colombian Coffee Break. Booth visitors can sample the delicious new offerings and enjoy a Colombian coffee featuring their Philadelphia-based coffee roaster, Backyard Beans Coffee Company and meet some of GoodSAM’s other valuable supply partners including Luker Chocolate, Palm Done Right, Limbua helping make snacking better for the planet.

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