The best hemp snacks: sober vs. stoned

Published on: September 15, 2020

Santiago Rodriguez Tarditi
September 15, 2020

Hemp won’t get you high. Still, its uses and applications are plentiful. Hemp has been used by humans for centuries to create textiles, fabric, paper, rope, biofuels, and construction materials. But perhaps the most important role it has played is that of serving as nourishment in hemp-based foods. Hemp foods and snacks are everywhere these days, but are they just a fad or a true innovation?

Hemp snacks for healthy outlooks

Touted as a superfood, hemp and hemp seeds appear in plant-based dishes worldwide. They add a boost of protein and fiber to foods of all kinds. A whole cup of hemp seeds can pack up to 60 grams of protein with just 12 grams of fat. And it doesn’t just help with building muscles.

Hemp contains nine essential amino acids, including arginine, which promotes nitric oxide in the body, relaxing blood vessels and strengthening our heart functions. The fiber in hemp pips ( the name for the small, hard seeds) is also great in helping to control bad cholesterol in the body and aiding weight loss.

From the Farm Bill to the snack aisle

In 2018, the government introduced the Farm Bill. This new law states any cannabinoid derived from hemp is legal when cultivated by a licensed grower that abides by federal and state regulations. While the statute discusses the legality of working with CBD, the production of hemp snacks still requires a lot of research and vetting.

“It took us many phone calls to find the correct production partner,” says Orr Izkovich, brand manager at Let There Be Hemp. “Several manufacturers still have a hard time working with cannabis, even if you show them it’s legal to work with cannabidiol.”

Luckily, snacking on hemp is slightly easier than making hemp food for the masses. Still, not everyone has the time or money to research and try out all the hemp snacks on the market. We gave it our best shot by trying each of these hemp-based products twice.

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