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Dedicated to good food for Cook County, MN.

The Cook County Whole Foods Co-op has been serving Cook County since 1976. Both then and now, we strive to be a cooperative grocery store that provides healthy food, fair wages, and trade. We support a healthy community and sustainable business practices. We’re located one block down from the stoplight on the East Bay in Grand Marais.


Why You Should Get Involved
with Palm Done Right

Palm can be grown for good, bringing benefits to:

  • Our planet, due to palm oil’s land efficiency.
  • Local communities, due to the economic development oil palm production creates.
  • Our market, due to palm oil’s versatility and functionality as an ingredient, lifting product quality and performance.

Together, we can influence change for:

  • Manufacturers that are still using conflict palm oil for their products.
  • Retailers that are still listing products that contain conflict palm oil.
  • Brokers and distributors that are still supplying their customers with products that contain conflict palm oil.
  • Shoppers that have the power to vote with their dollar.

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